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Grace Oliverio Birmingham - STEAM Initiative

Grace Oliverio BirminghamFor over forty years, Grace was a part-time librarian at the Monroeville Public Library where she organized the book discussion group and other community programs. She was a mentor and friend to many. Her zest for life was apparent in her varied interests and activities, ranging from ballet, travel, and hockey to reading, cooking, and knitting. She was full of laughter and fun, telling stories about people she met, recent activities she attended, and books she had read. She was a grand lady whom we still miss.

With the generous support of Grace's family and friends, the Library has offered annual Grace Oliverio Birmingham Family Night events for the past five years. To honor Grace's memory this year, we're introducing a collection of books for the Children's Room in support of Gateway School District's STEM – or, in their case, STEAM – initiative.

STEM fields (and STEM education) is an acronym for the fields of study in the categories of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. (For STEAM, art has been added as an additional field.)

In 2006, the United States National Academies expressed their concern about the declining state of STEM education in the United States. Its Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy developed a list of 10 actions federal policy makers could take to advance STEM education in the United States to compete successfully in the 21st century.

Their top three recommendations were to:

  • increase America’s talent pool by improving K–12 science and mathematics education;
  • strengthen the skills of teachers through additional training in science, math, and technology; and
  • enlarge the pipeline of students prepared to enter college and graduate with STEM degrees.

Grace Oliverio Birmingham Memorial Fund
Titles Supporting STEAM


50 Amazing Things Kids Need to Know about Science
by Penny Johnson

Science Rocks: Unleash the Mad Scientist in You
by Ian Graham

Bubbles Float, Bubbles Pop
by Ian Graham

Planets: An Incredible Journey Through Our Solar System
by Penelope Arlon and Tory Gordon-Harris

Project Seahorse
by Pamela S. Turner


Computer (Eyewitness series)
by Dr. Mike Goldsmith and Tom Jackson

Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the future with 20 Projects
by Kathy Ceceri


Dreaming Up: a Celebration of Building
by Christy Hale

Gears Go, Wheels Roll
by Mark Weakland

Neo Leo: the Ageless Ideas of Leonardo da Vinci
by Gene Barretta


The Art Book for Children
by Amanda Renshaw and Gilda Williams Ruggi

The Art Book for Children Book Two
by Amanda Renshaw

Comets, Stars, the Moon and Mars: Space poems and Paintings
by Douglas Florian


50 Amazing Things Kids Need to Know About Mathematics
by Anne Rooney

Help Me Learn Subtraction
by Jean Marzollo

How Many Jelly Beans: A Giant Book of Giant Numbers
by Andrea Menotti

It’s Addition!
by M. W. Penn

It’s Subtraction!
by M.W. Penn

Pigs, Cows and Probability
by Marcie Aboff

Probability: Math Concepts Made Simple
by Marina Cohen

What's Math got to Do with It ?: How Parents and Teachers Can Help Children Learn to Love Their Least Favorite Subject
by Jo Boaler

Research Support

Cite It: Selecting Credible Sources
by Mariam Coleman

Find It: Searching for Information
by Mariam Coleman

Plan It: Conducting Short-Term and Long-Term Research
by Mariam Coleman

Present It: Understanding Contexts and Audiences
by Mariam Coleman

Prove It: Gathering Evidence and Integrating Information
by Mariam Coleman

Share It: Using Digital Tools and Media
by Mariam Coleman


Ben Franklin: His Wit and Wisdom from A-Z
by Alan Schroeder

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