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Author Title Location Call #
The 40s : the story of a decade / The New Yorker ; edited by Henry Finder with Giles Harvey ; introduction by David Remnick. New Books 973.917 FORTIES
Ackroyd, Peter, 1949- author. Rebellion : the history of England from James I to the Glorious Revolution / Peter Ackroyd. New Books 941.06 ACKROYD
Addonizio, Kim, 1954- author. The palace of illusions : stories / Kim Addonizio. New Books ADDONIZIO Kim
Adler, H. G., author. The wall : a novel / H.G. Adler ; translated from the German by Peter Filkins. New Books ADLER H. G.
Aftel, Mandy. Fragrant : the secret life of scent / Mandy Aftel. New Books 612.86 AFTEL
Albertine, Viv, 1954- Clothes, clothes, clothes : music, music, music : boys, boys, boys : a memoir / Viv Albertine. New Books 782.4216 ALBERTINE
Alexander, Rebecca (Psychotherapist), author. Not fade away : a memoir of senses lost and found / Rebecca Alexander with Sascha Alper. New Books 617.7 ALEXANDER
Aptowicz, Cristin O'Keefe, author. Dr. Mütter's marvels : a true tale of intrigue and innovation at the dawn of modern medicine / by Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz. New Books 617.092 APTOWICZ
Ashley, 1985- author. The Cartel 5 : La Bella Mafia / Ashley & JaQuavis. New Books ASHLEY
Attwood, Janet Bray, author. Your hidden riches : unleashing the power of ritual to create a life of meaning and purpose / Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood with Sylva Dvorak, Ph.D. New Books 390 ATTWOOD
Bannister, Jo, author. Perfect sins / Jo Bannister. New Books BANNISTER Jo
Barnett, David, 1970 January 11- author. Gideon Smith and the brass dragon / David Barnett. New Books BARNETT David
Barthelme, Frederick, 1943- author. There must be some mistake : a novel / Frederick Barthelme. New Books BARTHELME Frederick
Bates, Stephen, 1954- author. The poisoner : the life and crimes of Victorian England's most notorious doctor / Stephen Bates. New Books 364.152 BATES
Beachy, Robert, author. Gay Berlin : birthplace of a modern identity / Robert Beachy. New Books 306.76 BEACHY
Beckert, Sven, author. Empire of cotton : a global history / Sven Beckert. New Books 338.4 BECKERT
Benson, Raymond, 1955- Black & white : a novel / Raymond Benson. New Books BENSON Raymond
Benson, Raymond, 1955- author. The Black Stiletto. Secrets & lies : the fourth diary-- 1961 : a novel / Raymond Benson. New Books BENSON Raymond
Benson, Raymond,1955- The Black Stiletto : Endings & beginnings, the fifth diary--1961 : a novel. New Books BENSON Raymond
Bernstein, Nell, author. Burning down the house : the end of juvenile prison / Nell Bernstein. New Books 365.4209 BERNSTEIN
Biss, Eula, author. On immunity : an inoculation / Eula Biss. New Books 616.079 BISS
Bittman, Mark, author. How to cook everything fast : a better way to cook great food / Mark Bittman ; illustrations by Olivia de Salve Villedieu. New Books 641.555 BITTMAN
Bohemians, bootleggers, flappers, and swells : the best of early Vanity fair / introduction by Graydon Carter ; edited by Graydon Carter with David Friend. New Books 810.8 BOHEMIANS
Bolaño, Roberto, 1953-2003, author. A little lumpen novelita / Roberto Bolaño ; translated by Natasha Wimmer. New Books BOLANO Roberto
Bolger, Daniel P., 1957- author. Why we lost : a general's inside account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars / Daniel Bolger. New Books 956.7044 BOLGER
BOMB : the author interviews / edited by Betsy Sussler. New Books 809 BOMB
The book of home how-to : complete photo guide to home repair & improvement / Black+Decker. New Books 643.7 BOOK
Brady, Emily. Humboldt : life on America's marijuana frontier / Emily Brady. New Books 362.29 BRADY
Brand, Russell, 1975- author. Revolution / Russell Brand. New Books 303.484 BRAND
Brewster, Todd, author. Lincoln's gamble : the tumultuous six months that gave America the Emancipation Proclamation and changed the course of the Civil War / Todd Brewster. New Books 973.7092 BREWSTER
Brown, Eric, 1960- author. Murder at the Chase : a Langham and Dupré mystery / Eric Brown. New Books BROWN Eric
Brown, Laura (Laura Marie), author. How to write anything : a complete guide / Laura Brown. New Books 808.042 BROWN
By the book : writers on literature and the literary life from the New York Times Book Review / edited and with an introduction by Pamela Paul ; foreword by Scott Turow ; illustrations by Jillian Tamaki. New Books 809 BY
Cahn, Jonathan, author. The mystery of the shemitah / Jonathan Cahn. New Books 231.745 CAHN
Camilleri, Andrea, author. The Brewer of Preston : a novel / Andrea Camilleri ; translated by Stephen Sartarelli. New Books CAMILLERI Andrea
Canavan, Trudi, author. Thief's magic / Trudi Canavan. New Books CANAVAN Trudi
Caradonna, Jeremy L., 1979- author. Sustainability : a history / Jeremy L. Caradonna. New Books 338.927 CARADONNA
Carrillo Arronte, Margarita, author. Mexico : the cookbook / Margarita Carrillo Arronte. New Books 641.5972 CARRILLO ARRONTE
Carroll, Jonathan, 1949- author. Bathing the lion / Jonathan Carroll. New Books CARROLL Jonathan
Chandra, Vikram, author. Geek sublime : the beauty of code, the code of beauty / Vikram Chandra. New Books 809.9339 CHANDRA
Childs, Laura, author. Scorched eggs / Laura Childs. New Books CHILDS Laura
Chopra, Deepak, author. The future of god : a practical approach to spirituality for our times / Deepak Chopra. New Books 202.11 CHOPRA
Chute, Carolyn, author. Treat us like dogs and we will become wolves / a novel by Carolyn Chute. New Books CHUTE Carolyn
Citron, Danielle Keats, 1968- author. Hate crimes in cyberspace / Danielle Keats Citron. New Books 364.1502 CITRON
Cleese, John, author. So anyway... / John Cleese. New Books 791.4092 CLEESE
Cleland, Jane K., author. Blood rubies / Jane K. Cleland. New Books CLELAND Jane
Cleverly, Barbara, author. Enter pale death / Barbara Cleverly. New Books CLEVERLY Barbara
Clissold, Tim. Chinese Rules : Mao's dog, Deng's cat, and five timeless lessons from the front lines in China / Tim Clissold. New Books 338.0951 CLISSOLD
Coe, Jonathan, author. Expo 58 / Jonathan Coe. New Books COE Jonathan
Coleman, Gabriella, author. Hacker, hoaxer, whistleblower, spy : the many faces of Anonymous / Gabriella Coleman. New Books 364.168 COLEMAN
Complete do-it-yourself manual / by the editors at the Family Handyman. New Books 643.7 COMPLETE
Copperman, E. J., 1957- author. The question of the missing head : an Asperger's mystery / E.J. Copperman, Jeff Cohen. New Books COPPERMAN E J
Couch, Dick, 1943- author. Navy SEALs : their untold story / Dick Couch and William Doyle ; including interviews by Carol L. Fleischer ; afterword by Rear Admiral Garry J. Bonelli (USN Ret.), Ninth Force Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command. New Books 359.9 COUCH
Coyle, Cleo, author. Once upon a grind / Cleo Coyle. New Books COYLE Cleo
Coyle, Matt, author. Yesterday's echo : a novel / Matt Coyle. New Books COYLE Matt
Day, Sylvia, author. Captivated by you / Sylvia Day. New Books DAY Sylvia
Decoding your dog : the ultimate experts explain common dog behaviors and reveal how to prevent or change unwanted ones / American College of Veterinary Behaviorists ; edited byDebra F. Horwitz, DVM, DACVB, and John Ciribassi, DVM, DACVB with Steve Dale. New Books 636.7 DECODING
Denworth, Lydia, 1966- author. I can hear you whisper : an intimate journey through the science of sound and language / Lydia Denworth. New Books 617.89 DENWORTH
Diamant, Anita, author. The Boston girl : a novel / Anita Diamant. New Books DIAMANT Anita
Dimon, HelenKay, author. Mercy / HelenKay Dimon. New Books DIMON Helen
Dreazen, Yochi, author. The invisible front : love and loss in an era of endless war / Yochi Dreazen. New Books 355 DREAZEN
Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne, 1939- author. An indigenous peoples' history of the United States / Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. New Books 970.00497 DUNBAR-ORTIZ
Eccles, Marjorie, author. The firebird's feather / Marjorie Eccles. New Books ECCLES Marjorie
Elmlid, Malin. The Bread Exchange : tales and recipes from a journey of baking and bartering / Malin Elmlid. New Books 641.81 ELMLID
Elwes, Cary, 1962- author. As you wish : inconceivable tales from the making of The princess bride / Cary Elwes with Joe Layden. New Books 791.43 ELWES
Encyclopedia of garden plants for every location / editors, Jenny Hendy, Annelise Evans. New Books 635.9 ENCYCLOPEDIA
Eskens, Allen, 1963- author. The life we bury : a novel / Allen Eskens. New Books ESKENS Allen
Estleman, Loren D., author. You know who killed me / Loren D. Estleman. New Books ESTLEMAN Loren
Evans, Richard Paul, author. The mistletoe promise / Richard Paul Evans. New Books EVANS Richard Paul
Farah, Nuruddin, 1945- author. Hiding in plain sight / Nuruddin Farah. New Books FARAH Nuruddin
Fein, Ronnie, author. The modern kosher kitchen : more than 125 inspired recipes for a new generation of kosher cooks / Ronnie Fein. New Books 641.5676 FEIN
Finn, Peter, 1962- author. The Zhivago affair : the Kremlin, the CIA, and the battle over a forbidden book / Peter Finn and Petra Couvée. New Books 891.734 FINN
Finoli, David, 1961- The Pittsburgh Pirates / David Finoli. New Books 796.357 FINOLI
Florio, John, 1960- author. Blind Moon Alley : a Jersey Leo novel / John Florio. New Books FLORIO John
Food lovers' guide to Pittsburgh. New Books 9174.48 FOOD
Fowler, Christopher, author. Bryant & May and the bleeding heart : a peculiar crimes unit mystery / Christopher Fowler. New Books FOWLER Christopher
Garelick, Rhonda K., 1962- author. Mademoiselle : Coco Chanel and the pulse of history / Rhonda K. Garelick. New Books 746.9 GARELICK
Gates, Henry Louis, Jr., author. Finding your roots : the official companion to the PBS series / Henry Louis Gates Jr. ; foreword by David Altshuler. New Books 929.107 GATES
Gavin, James, 1964- author. Is that all there is? : the strange life of Peggy Lee / James Gavin. New Books 782.42164 GAVIN
Gawande, Atul, author. Being mortal : medicine and what matters in the end / Atul Gawande. New Books 362.1 GAWANDE
Genoways, Ted, author. The chain : farm, factory, and the fate of our food / Ted Genoways. New Books 338.7636 GENOWAYS
Gerritsen, Tess, author. Die again : a novel / Tess Gerritsen. New Books GERRITSEN Tess
The GMO deception : what you need to know about the food, corporations, and government agencies putting our families and our environment at risk / Sheldon Krimsky and Jeremy Gruber, editors ; foreword by Ralph Nader. New Books 613.11 GMO
Going, going, gone : 100 animals and plants on the verge of extinction / [Think Publishing Ltd ; forward by Jonathan Baillie]. New Books 333.9522 GOING
Goldberg, Tod, author. Gangsterland : a novel / Tod Goldberg. New Books GOLDBERG Tod
Golinkin, Lev, author. A backpack, a bear, and eight crates of vodka : a memoir / Lev Golinkin. New Books 947.00492 GOLONKIN
Gordon, David, 1967- Mystery girl : a novel / David Gordon. New Books GORDON David
Gordon, David, 1967- author. White tiger on Snow Mountain / David Gordon. New Books GORDON David
Gottman, John Mordechai. What makes love last? : how to build trust and avoid betrayal / John Gottman and Nan Silver. New Books 306.7 GOTTMAN
Grant, Mira, author. Symbiont / Mira Grant. New Books GRANT Mira
Greaney, Mark, author. Tom Clancy Full Force and Effect/ Mark Greaney. New Books GREANEY Mark
Green, Jane, 1968- author. Saving Grace / Jane Green. New Books GREEN Jane
Green, Jonathon, 1948- author. The vulgar tongue : Green's history of slang / Jonathon Green. New Books 427 GREEN
Greene, David, 1976- author. Midnight in Siberia : a train journey into the heart of Russia / David Greene. New Books 914.7 GREENE
Greene, Janet C. Putting food by / Janet Greene, Ruth Hertzberg, Beatrice Vaughan. New Books 641.4 GREENE
Greengrass, Mark, 1949- author. Christendom destroyed : Europe 1517-1648 / Mark Greengrass. New Books 940.23 GREENGRASS
Greenspan, Dorie, author. Baking chez moi : recipes from my Paris home to your home anywhere / Dorie Greenspan ; photographs by Alan Richardson. New Books 641.86 GREENSPAN
Greenspan, Ezra, author. William Wells Brown : an African American life / Ezra Greenspan. New Books 326.092 GREENSPAN
Grenier, Roger, 1919- author. Palace of books / Roger Grenier ; translated and with a foreword by Alice Kaplan. New Books 844.914 GRENIER
Griffin, W. E. B., author. The assassination option / W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV. New Books GRIFFIN W E B
Guillebeau, Chris, author. The happiness of pursuit : finding the quest that will bring purpose to your life / Chris Guillebeau. New Books 158.1 GUILLEBEAU
Guo, Xiaolu, 1973- author. I am China : a novel / Xiaolu Guo. New Books GUO Xiaolu
Hall, James W. (James Wilson), 1947- The big finish / James W. Hall. New Books HALL James W.
Hamilton, Peter F., author. The abyss beyond dreams / Peter F. Hamilton. New Books HAMILTON Peter
Harnisch, Kristen, author. The vintner's daughter : a novel / Kristen Harnisch. New Books HARNISCH Kristen
Harris, Michael, 1980 March 12- author. The end of absence : reclaiming what we've lost in a world of constant connection / Michael Harris. New Books 302.231 HARRIS
Harrison, Mette Ivie, 1970- author. The bishop's wife / Mette Ivie Harrison. New Books HARRISON Mette
Hatcher, Robin Lee, author. Love without end / Robin Lee Hatcher. New Books HATCHER Robin
Hauser, Thomas, author. The final recollections of Charles Dickens : a novel / Thomas Hauser. New Books HAUSER Thomas
Herken, Gregg, 1947- author. The Georgetown set : friends and rivals in Cold War Washington / Gregg Herken. New Books 975.3 HERKEN
Higgins, Jack, 1929- author. Rain on the dead / Jack Higgins. New Books HIGGINS Jack
Hill, Christopher R., author. Outpost : life on the frontiers of American diplomacy : a memoir / Christopher R. Hill. New Books 327.73 HILL
Hilton, Erica, author. Bad Girl Blvd. Part 2 / Erica Hilton. New Books HILTON Erica
Hilton, Laura V., 1963- author. The snow globe / Laura V. Hilton. New Books HILTON Laura
Hinton, J. Lynne, author. Sister Eve, private eye / Lynne Hinton. New Books HINTON Lynne
Hobbs, Allyson Vanessa, author. A chosen exile : a history of racial passing in American life / Allyson Hobbs. New Books 305.8 HOBBS
Hodgson, Antonia, author. The devil in the Marshalsea / Antonia Hodgson. New Books HODGSON Antonia
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955- author. Moriarty : a novel / Anthony Horowitz. New Books HOROWITZ Anthony
Howe, Gordie, 1928- author. Mr. Hockey : my story / Gordie Howe. New Books 796.962 HOWE
Hunter, Denise, 1968- author. The wishing season / Denise Hunter. New Books HUNTER Denise
Hynes, Samuel, 1924- author. The unsubstantial air : American fliers in the First World War / Samuel Hynes. New Books 940.44 HYNES
Israel, Steve, author. The global war on Morris / Steve Israel. New Books ISRAEL Steve
James, Bill, 1929- author. Disclosures / Bill James. New Books JAMES Bill
James, Peter, 1948- author. Want you dead / Peter James. New Books JAMES Peter
James, Rebecca, 1970- author. Sweet damage : a novel / Rebecca James. New Books JAMES Rebecca
Janes, Diane, author. Swimming in the shadows / Diane Janes. New Books JANES Diane
Janik, Erika, author. Marketplace of the marvelous : the strange origins of modern medicine / Erika Janik. New Books 610 JANIK
Jenoff, Pam. The winter guest / Pam Jenoff. New Books JENOFF Pam
Jeremiah, David, 1941- author. Agents of the Apocalypse : a riveting look at the key players of the end times / Dr. David Jeremiah. New Books 228.06 JEREMIAH
Jio, Sarah, author. The look of love : a novel / Sarah Jio. New Books JIO Sarah
Jobling, John, 1980- author. U2 : the definitive biography / John Jobling. New Books 782.4216 JOBLING
Johnson, Boris, author. The Churchill factor : how one man made history / Boris Johnson. New Books 941.084092 JOHNSON
Johnson, Denis, 1949- author. The laughing monsters / Denis Johnson. New Books JOHNSON Denis
Johnson, Marilyn, 1954- author. Lives in ruins : archaeologists and the seductive lure of human rubble / Marilyn Johnson. New Books 930.1 JOHNSON
Johnson, Walter, 1967- River of dark dreams : slavery and empire in the cotton kingdom / Walter Johnson. New Books 305.8 JOHNSON
K., Kim, author. Beauty and the streets / Kim K. New Books K Kim
Kabat-Zinn, Jon. Mindfulness for beginners : reclaiming the present moment-- and your life / Jon Kabat-Zinn. New Books 158.1 KABAT-ZINN
Kean, Sam, author. The tale of the dueling neurosurgeons : the history of the human brain as revealed by true stories of trauma, madness, and recovery / Sam Kean. New Books 617.4802 KEAN
Keck, Gregory C. Parenting the hurt child : helping adoptive families heal and grow / Gregory C. Keck, Regina M. Kupecky ; edited by L.G. Mansfield. New Books 649.055 KECK
Kehlmann, Daniel, 1975- author. F / Daniel Kehlmann ; translated from the German by Carol Brown Janeway. New Books KEHLMANN Daniel
Kenneally, Christine, author. The invisible history of the human race : how DNA and history shape our identities and our futures / Christine Kenneally. New Books 616.042 KENNEALLY
Kidjo, Angélique, 1960- author. Spirit rising : my life, my music / Angélique Kidjo with Rachel Wenrick ; foreword by Desmond Tutu ; introduction by Alicia Keys. New Books 782.42 KIDJO
Kirn, Walter, 1962- author. Blood will out : the true story of a murder, a mystery, and a masquerade / Walter Kirn. New Books 364.152 KIRN
Klassen, Julie, 1964- author. The secret of Pembrooke Park / Julie Klassen. New Books KLASSEN Julie
Klein, Naomi, 1970- author. This changes everything : capitalism vs. the climate / Naomi Klein. New Books 363.73 KLEIN
Knott, Robert, 1954- author. Robert B. Parker's The bridge / Robert Knott. New Books KNOTT Robert
Krist, Gary, author. Empire of sin : a story of sex, jazz, murder, and the battle for modern New Orleans / Gary Krist. New Books 976.335 KRIST
Kristoff, Jay, author. Endsinger / Jay Kristoff. New Books KRISTOFF Jay
Krueger, William Kent, author. Ordinary grace : a novel / William Kent Krueger. New Books KRUEGER William
Kurland, Lynn. River of dreams / Lynn Kurland. New Books KURLAND Lynn
K'wan, author. Animal III : revelations / K'wan. New Books K'WAN
Lackey, Mercedes. Collision / created by Mercedes Lackey & Steve Libbey ; written by Mercedes Lackey with Cody Martin, Dennis Lee & Veronica Giguere ; edited by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon. New Books LACKEY Mercedes
Lamott, Anne, author. Small victories : spotting improbable moments of grace / Anne Lamott. New Books 248.2 LAMOTT
Lanh, Andrew, author. Caught dead : a Rick Van Lam mystery / Andrew Lanh. New Books LANH Andrew
Leaming, Barbara, author. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis : the untold story / Barbara Leaming. New Books 973.922092 LEAMING
Lepore, Jill, 1966- author. The secret history of Wonder Woman / Jill Lepore. New Books 750.5 LEPORE
Liu, Zhenyun, author. I did not kill my husband : a novel / Liu Zhenyun ; translated by Howard Goldblatt and Sylvia Li-chun Lin. New Books LIU Zhenyun
Lloyd Jones, Stephen, author. The string diaries / Stephen Lloyd Jones. New Books LLOYD JONES Stephen
Lockley, Nigeria, author. Born at dawn / Nigeria Lockley. New Books LOCKLEY Nigeria
Long-term care : how to plan and pay for it. New Books 362.16 LONG-TERM
Lopez, Jennifer, 1970- author. True love / Jennifer Lopez ; photos by Ana Carballosa. New Books 791.4302 LOPEZ
Loren, Sophia, 1934- author Yesterday, today, tomorrow : my life / Sophia Loren. New Books 791.4302 LOREN
Lovely, Lutishia, author. The perfect deception / Lutishia Lovely. New Books LOVELY Lutishia
MacLean, Rory, 1954- Berlin : portrait of a city through the centuries / Rory MacLean. New Books 943.155 MACLEAN
Marcus, Greil, author. The history of rock 'n' roll in ten songs / Greil Marcus. New Books 782.4216 MARCUS
Margolin, Phillip, author. Woman with a gun : a novel / Phillip Margolin. New Books MARGOLIN Phillip
McCandless, Carine, author. The wild truth / Carine McCandless. New Books 979.8 MCCANDLESS
McChesney, Robert Waterman, 1952- author. Blowing the roof off the twenty-first century : media, politics, and the struggle for post-capitalist democracy / Robert W. McChesney. New Books 320.973 MCCHESNEY
McGee, James, 1950- author. Rebellion : a thriller in Napoleon's Paris / James McGee. New Books MCGEE James
McKinty, Adrian, author. The Sun is God / Adrian McKinty. New Books MCKINTY Adrian
McPherson, Catriona, 1965- author. As she left it : a novel / Catriona McPherson. New Books MCPHERSON Catriona
Mendes, George, author. My Portugal : recipes and stories / George Mendes, Genevieve Ko ; photographer, Romulo Yanes. New Books 641.5946 MENDES
Miller, Carol, 1972- author. A nip of murder / Carol Miller. New Books MILLER Carol
Miller, Christopher, 1961- author. American cornball : a laffopedic guide to the formerly funny / Christopher Miller. New Books 818.602 MILLER
Miller, Donald L., 1944- author. Supreme city : how Jazz Age Manhattan gave birth to modern America / Donald L. Miller. New Books 974.7104 MILLER
Mohamed, Nadifa, 1981- author. The orchard of lost souls / Nadifa Mohamed. New Books MOHAMED Nadifa
Montefiore, Santa, 1970- author. Secrets of the lighthouse / Santa Montefiore. New Books MONTEFIORE Santa
Moorehead, Caroline, author. Village of secrets : defying the Nazis in Vichy France / Caroline Moorehead. New Books 940.531 MOOREHEAD
Mordechai, Karen, author. Sunday suppers : recipes + gatherings / Karen Mordechai. New Books 641.5 MORDECHAI
Nagl, John A., 1966- author. Knife fights : a memoir of modern war in theory and practice / John A. Nagl. New Books 355.0218 NAGI
Nakamura, Fuminori, 1977- author. Last winter, we parted / Fuminori Nakamura ; translated from the Japanese by Allison Markin Powell. New Books NAKAMURA Fuminori
Neer, Robert M., 1964- Napalm : an American biography / Robert M. Neer. New Books 355.8 NEER
The New York Times 36 hours USA & Canada / edited by Barbara Ireland. New Books 917.3 NEW
Newman, Kim, author. An English ghost story / Kim Newman. New Books NEWMAN Kim
Nickson, Chris, author. Gods of gold : an inspector Tom Harper novel / Chris Nickson. New Books NICKSON Chris
Nye, Bill, author. Undeniable : evolution and the science of creation / by Bill Nye ; edited by Corey S. Powell. New Books 576.8 NYE
Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938- author. Lovely, dark, deep : stories / Joyce Carol Oates. New Books OATES Joyce
O'Brien, Jim, 1942- author. Chuck Noll : a winning way / Jim O'Brien. New Books 796.332 OBRIEN
O'Connor, Anne Marie. The lady in gold : the extraordinary tale of Gustav Klimt's masterpiece, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer / Anne-Marie O'Connor. New Books 759.36 O'CONNOR
Orr, Stephen, 1965- author. The new American herbal / Stephen Orr. New Books 635.7 ORR
Ortberg, Mallory, author. Texts from Jane Eyre : and other conversations with your favorite literary characters / Mallory Ortberg. New Books 818.6 ORTBERG
Otto, Shawn Lawrence, author. Sins of our fathers : a novel / Shawn Lawrence Otto. New Books OTTO Shawn
Ouellette, Jennifer, author. Me, myself, and why : searching for the science of self / Jennifer Ouellette. New Books 155.2 OUELLETTE
Oust, Gail, 1943- author. Kill 'em with cayenne / Gail Oust. New Books OUST Gail
Owen, Mark, 1976?- author. No hero : the evolution of a Navy SEAL / Mark Owen ; with Kevin Maurer. New Books 958.104 OWEN
Padura, Leonardo, author. The man who loved dogs / Leonardo Padura ; translated from the Spanish by Anna Kushner. New Books PADURA Leonardo
Palmer, Sharon, author. Plant-powered for life : eat your way to lasting health with 52 simple steps & 125 delicious recipes / Sharon Palmer, RDN ; photography by Heather Poire. New Books 641.5636 PALMER
Palumbo, Dennis, 1951- author. Phantom limb / Dennis Palumbo. New Books PALUMBO Dennis
Parks, Brad, 1974- author. The good cop / Brad Parks. New Books PARKS Brad
Parmar, Priya, 1974- author. Vanessa and her sister / Priya Parmar. New Books PARMAR Priya
Patchett, Ann, author. This is the story of a happy marriage / Ann Patchett. New Books 813.54 PATCHETT
Patterson, James, 1947- author. Hope to die / James Patterson. New Books PATTERSON James
Pattison, Eliot, author. Soul of the fire / Eliot Pattison. New Books PATTISON Eliot
Pelletier, Cathie. A year after Henry : a novel / Cathie Pelletier. New Books PELLETIER Cathie
Peternell, Cal, author. Twelve recipes / Cal Peternell. New Books 641.5 PETERNELL
Petrusich, Amanda, author. Do not sell at any price : the wild, obsessive hunt for the world's rarest 78 rpm records / Amanda Petrusich. New Books 780.266 PETRUSICH
Phan, Michelle, author. Make up : your life guide to beauty, style, and success-- online and off / Michelle Phan. New Books 646.72 PHAN
Plumly, Stanley. The immortal evening : a legendary dinner with Keats, Wordsworth, and Lamb / Stanley Plumly. New Books 821.709 PLUMLY
Pol, Jan, 1942- author. Never turn your back on an Angus cow : my life as a country vet / Dr. Jan Pol with David Fisher. New Books 636.089 POL
Pollitt, Katha, author. Pro : reclaiming abortion rights / Katha Pollitt. New Books 363.46 POLLITT
Pomerantsev, Peter, author. Nothing is true and everything is possible : the surreal heart of the new Russia / Peter Pomerantsev. New Books 947.086 POMERANTSEV
Post, Anna. Emily Post's wedding etiquette / Anna Post and Lizzie Post ; with illustrations by Happy Menocal. New Books 395.22 POST
Poyer, David, author. The cruiser / David Poyer. New Books POYER David
Pryor, Mark, 1967- author. The Button man / Mark Pryor. New Books PRYOR Mark
Purser, Ann, author. Suspicion at seven / Ann Purser. New Books PURSER Ann
Pynchon, Thomas, author. The crying of lot 49 / Thomas Pynchon. New Books PYNCHON Thomas
Rabinowitz, Paula. American pulp : how paperbacks brought modernism to main street. New Books 002.0973 RABINOWITZ
Rader-Day, Lori, 1973- author. The black hour : a novel / Lori Rader-Day. New Books RADAR-DAY Lori
Raimondo, Lynne, 1957- author. Dante's poison : a Mark Angelotti novel / Lynne Raimondo. New Books RAIMONDO Lynne
Rajaniemi, Hannu, author. The causal angel / Hannu Rajaniemi. New Books RAJANIEMI Hannu
Rash, Ron, 1953- author. Something rich and strange : selected stories / Ron Rash. New Books RASH Ron
Rediker, Marcus, author. Outlaws of the Atlantic : sailors, pirates, and motley crews in the Age of Sail / Marcus Rediker. New Books 387.5091 REDIKER
Richardson, Sarah, 1971- Sarah style / Sarah Richardson. New Books 747 RICHARDSON
Ritz, David, author. Respect : the life of Aretha Franklin / David Ritz. New Books 782.42 RITZ
Robards, Karen, author. Hush / Karen Robards. New Books ROBARDS Karen
Robbins, Anthony, author. Money, master the game : 7 simple steps to financial freedom / Tony Robbins. New Books 332.024 ROBBINS
Roberts, Paul, 1961 August 2- author. The impulse society : America in the age of instant gratification / Paul Roberts. New Books 306.3 ROBERTS
Robinson, Andrea Q., 1941- author. Toss the gloss : beauty tips, tricks & truths for women 50+ / Andrea Q. Robinson. New Books 646.72 ROBINSON
Rogak, Lisa, 1962- author. Angry optimist : the life and times of Jon Stewart / Lisa Rogak. New Books 792.7602 ROGAK
Rojstaczer, Stuart, author. The mathematician's shiva / Stuart Rojstaczer. New Books ROJSTACZER Stuart
Rosenzweig, Gary, author. My iPad for seniors / Gary Rosenzweig, Gary Jones. New Books 004.1675 ROSENZWEIG
Rotella, Sebastian. The convert's song : a novel / Sebastian Rotella. New Books ROTELLA Sebastian
Rotstein, Robert, 1951- author. Reckless disregard : a Parker Stern novel / Robert Rotstein. New Books ROTSTEIN Robert
Rowland, Laura Joh, author. The iris fan / Laura Joh Rowland. New Books ROWLAND Laura
Ryan, Donal, 1977- author. The thing about December / Donal Ryan. New Books RYAN Donal
Santana, Carlos, author. The universal tone : bringing my story to light / Carlos Santana with Ashley Kahn and Hal Miller. New Books 782.4216 SANTANA
Saramago, José, author. Skylight / Jose Saramago ; translated from the Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa. New Books SARAMAGO Jose
Sarotte, M. E., author. The collapse : the accidental opening of the Berlin Wall / Mary Elise Sarotte. New Books 943.087 SAROTTE
Sax, David, author. The tastemakers : why we're crazy for cupcakes but fed up with fondue (plus baconomics, superfoods, and other secrets from the world of food trends) / David Sax. New Books 394.12 SAX
Schruers, Fred, author. Billy Joel : the definitive biography / Fred Schruers. New Books 782.4216 SCHRUERS
Schultz, Mark, 1960- author. Foxcatcher : the true story of my brother's murder, John du Pont's madness, and the quest for Olympic gold / Mark Schultz, with David Thomas. New Books 796.812 SCHULTZ
Schumacher, Julie, 1958- author. Dear Committee Members / Julie Schumacher. New Books SCHUMACHER Julie
Scott, Peter Dale. The American deep state : Wall Street, big oil, and the attack on U.S. democracy / Peter Dale Scott. New Books 305.2 SCOTT
Scottoline, Lisa, author. Betrayed / Lisa Scottoline. New Books SCOTTOLINE Lisa
Setz, Clemens J., 1982- author. Indigo : a novel / Clemens J. Setz ; translated by Ross Benjamin. New Books SETZ Clemens
Shames, Terry, author. Dead broke in Jarrett Creek / Terry Shames. New Books SHAMES Terry
Shields, Brooke, 1965- author. There was a little girl : the real story of my mother and me / Brooke Shields. New Books 791.4302 SHIELDS
Short, Martin, 1950- author. I must say : my life as a humble comedy legend / Martin Short with David Kamp. New Books 791.4502 SHORT
Shroder, Tom, author. Acid test : LSD, Ecstasy, and the power to heal / Tom Shroder. New Books 615.7883 SHRODER
Siger, Jeffrey, author. Sons of Sparta / Jeffrey Siger. New Books SIGER Jeffrey
Silverstein, Ken, author. The secret world of oil / Ken Silverstein. New Books 338.27 SILVERSTEIN
Simsion, Graeme C., author. The Rosie effect / Graeme Simsion. New Books SIMSION Graeme
Smith, Judith E., 1948- author. Becoming Belafonte : black artist, public radical / by Judith E. Smith. New Books 782.4216 SMITH
Stevenson, Bryan, author. Just mercy : a story of justice and redemption / Bryan Stevenson. New Books 353.48 STEVENSON
Stott, Andrew McConnell, 1969- author. The poet and the vampyre : the curse of Byron and the birth of literature's greatest monsters / Andrew McConnell Stott. New Books 820.9145 STOTT
Sundstøl, Vidar, 1963- author. Only the dead / Vidar Sundstøl ; translated by Tiina Nunnally. New Books SUNDSTOL Vidar
Sunstein, Cass R., author. Valuing life : humanizing the regulatory state / Cass R. Sunstein. New Books 306.2 SUNSTEIN
Taylor, AndrewAuthor. The scent of death New Books TAYLOR Andrew
Taylor, Brad, 1965- author. No fortunate son / Brad Taylor. New Books TAYLOR Brad
Teachout, Zephyr, author. Corruption in America : from Benjamin Franklin's snuff box to Citizens United / Zephyr Teachout. New Books 364.1323 TEACHOUT
Tirado, Linda, author. Hand to mouth : living in bootstrap America / Linda Tirado. New Books 362.5 TIRADO
Tobar, Héctor, 1963- author. Deep down dark : the untold stories of 33 men buried in a Chilean mine, and the miracle that set them free / Héctor Tobar. New Books 622.89 TOBAR
Todd, Chuck, 1972- author. The stranger : Barack Obama in the White House / Chuck Todd. New Books 973.932 TODD
Toews, Miriam, 1964- author. All my puny sorrows / Miriam Toews. New Books TOEWS Miriam
Trott, Alexander. Wounds and lacerations : emergency care and closure / Alexander T. Trott. New Books 616.025 TROTT
Trynka, Paul, author. Brian Jones : the making of the Rolling Stones / Paul Trunka. New Books 782.4216 TRYNKA
Tsiolkas, Christos, 1965- author. Barracuda : a novel / Christos Tsiolkas. New Books TSIOLKAS Christos
Twigger, Robert, 1964- author. Red Nile : a biography of the world's greatest river / Robert Twigger. New Books 962 TWIGGER
Unger, Debi, author. George Marshall : a biography / Debi and Irwin Unger with Stanley Hirshson. New Books 973.918 UNGER
Until the rulers obey : voices from Latin American social movements / edited by Clifton Ross and Marcy Rein ; foreword by Raúl Zibechi. New Books 303.48 UNTIL
Urwand, Ben, 1977- author. The collaboration : Hollywood's pact with Hitler / Ben Urwand. New Books 791.43 URWAND
Volcler, Juliette, author. Extremely loud : sound as a weapon / Juliette Volcler ; translated from the French by Carol Volk. New Books 623.4 VOLCER
The volunteer management handbook : leadership strategies for success / edited by Tracy Daniel Connors. New Books 361.37 VOLUNTEER
Vujicic, Nick. Love without limits / Nick Vujicic with Kanae Vujicic. New Books 248.86 VUJICIC
Wajcman, Judy, author. Pressed for time : the acceleration of life in digital capitalism / Judy Wajcman. New Books 304.237 WAJCMAN
Wang, Val, author. Beijing bastard : into the wilds of a changing China / Val Wang. New Books 305.48 WANG
Webb, Betty, author. Desert rage : a Lena Jones Mystery / Betty Webb. New Books WEBB Betty
Whitson, Signe, author. 8 keys to end bullying : strategies for parents & schools / Signe Whitson ; foreword by Babette Rothschild. New Books 302.343 WHITSON
Whittle, Tina, author. Deeper than the grave : a Tai Randolph mystery / by Tina Whittle. New Books WHITTLE Tina
Wiley, Michael, 1961- author. Blue Avenue / Michael Wiley. New Books WILEY Michael
Willett, Marcia, author. The sea garden : a novel / Marcia Willett. New Books WILLETT Marcia
Williams, Kate, 1974- author. Ambition and desire : the dangerous life of Josephine Bonaparte / Kate Williams. New Books 944.05092 WILLIAMS
Wilson, A. N., 1950- author. Victoria : a life / A.N. Wilson. New Books 941.081092 WILSON
Wilson, Edward O., author. The meaning of human existence / Edward O. Wilson. New Books 128 WILSON
Winters, Angela, author. Power, seduction & scandal / Angela Winters. New Books WINTERS Angela
Wishart, David, 1952- author. Finished business / David Wishart. New Books WISHART David
Witcover, Jules, author. The American vice presidency : from irrelevance to power / Jules Witcover. New Books 352.239 WITCOVER
Wolfe, Alan, 1942- author. At home in exile : why diaspora is good for the Jews / Alan Wolfe. New Books 909.04924 WOLFE
Worsley, Lucy, author. The art of the English murder / Lucy Worsley. New Books 364.1523 WORSLEY
Wright, Alex, 1966- author. Cataloging the world : Paul Otlet and the birth of the information age / Alex Wright. New Books 020.9 WRIGHT
Wuthnow, Robert, author. Rough country : how Texas became America's most powerful Bible-belt state / Robert Wuthnow. New Books 277.64 WUTHNOW
Zemmelman, Mimi Lyster, author. Building a parenting agreement that works : child custody agreements step by step / by Mimi Lyster Zemmelman. New Books 346.73 ZEMMELMAN
Zetter, Kim, author. Countdown to zero day : stuxnet and the launch of the world's first digital weapon / Kim Zetter. New Books 355.4 ZETTER
Ziskin, James W., 1960- author. No stone unturned / James W. Ziskin. New Books ZISKIN James
Zoglin, Richard, author. Hope : entertainer of the century / Richard Zoglin. New Books 792.702 ZOGLIN
Zupan, Kim, author. The ploughmen : a novel / Kim Zupan. New Books ZUPAN Kim
Zweig, David, author. Invisibles : the power of anonymous work in an age of relentless self-promotion / David Zweig. New Books 650.1 ZWEIG

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