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New Playaways (Adult)
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Adiga, Aravind. Last man in tower [electronic resource] : a novel / Aravind Adiga. Audio PL ADIGA Aravind Unabridged
Baldacci, David. Zero day [electronic resource] / David Baldacci. Audio PL BALDACCI David Unabridged
Barr, Nevada. The rope [electronic resource] / Nevada Barr. Audio PL BARR Nevada Unabridged
Beaton, M. C. As the pig turns [electronic resource] / M. C. Beaton. Audio PL BEATON M.C. Unabridged
Black, Lisa, 1963- Defensive wounds [electronic resource] : a novel of suspense / Lisa Black. Audio PL BLACK Lisa Unabridged
Brown, Sandra, 1948- Lethal [electronic resource] : a novel / Sandra Brown. Audio PL BROWN Sandra Unabridged
Coulter, Catherine. The prince of Ravenscar [electronic resource] / Catherine Coulter. Audio PL COULTER Catherine Unabridged
De los Santos, Marisa, 1966- Falling together [electronic resource] : a novel / Marisa de los Santos. Audio PL DE LOS SANTOS Marisa Unabridged
DeGeneres, Ellen. Seriously-- I'm kidding [electronic resource] / Ellen DeGeneres. Audio PL 792.702 DEGENERES Unabridged
Evanovich, Janet. Explosive eighteen [electronic resource] / Janet Evanovich. Audio PL EVANOVICH Janet Unabridged
Ferguson, Niall. Civilization [electronic resource] : the West and the rest / Niall Ferguson. Audio PL 909 FERGUSON Unabridged
Francis, Felix. Dick Francis's Gamble [electronic resource] / Felix Francis. Audio PL FRANCIS Francis Unabridged
Gardiner, Meg. The nightmare thief [electronic resource] / Meg Gardiner. Audio PL GARDINER Meg Unabridged
Grisham, John. The litigators [electronic resource] : a novel / John Grisham. Audio PL GRISHAM John Unabridged
Hoag, Tami. Down the darkest road [electronic resource] / Tami Hoag. Audio PL HOAG Tami Unabridged
Johansen, Iris. Bonnie [electronic resource] : a novel / Iris Johansen. Audio PL JOHANSEN Iris Unabridged
Kleypas, Lisa. Love in the afternoon [electronic resource] / Lisa Kleypas. Audio PL KLEYPAS Lisa Unabridged
Millard, Candice. Destiny of the republic [electronic resource] : a tale of madness, medicine and the murder of a president / Candice Millard. Audio PL 973.84092 MILLARD Unabridged
Mills, Kyle, 1966- Robert Ludlum's The Ares decision [electronic resource] / written by Kyle Mills ; series created by Robert Ludlum. Audio PL MILLS Kyle Unabridged
Mina, Denise. The end of the wasp season [electronic resource] : a novel / Denise Mina. Audio PL MINA Denise Unabridged
Niffenegger, Audrey. The time traveler's wife [electronic resource] / Audrey Niffenegger. Audio PL NIFFENEGGER Audrey Unabridged
Palmer, Diana. Merciless [electronic resource] / Diana Palmer. Audio PL PALMER Diana Unabridged
Patterson, James, 1947- Kill Alex Cross [electronic resource] / James Patterson. Audio PL PATTERSON James Unabridged
Patterson, James, 1947- Cat & Mouse [electronic resource] / by James Patterson. Audio PL PATTERSON James Unabridged
Patterson, James, 1947- The Christmas wedding [electronic resource] / James Patterson and Richard DiLallo. Audio PL PATTERSON James Unabridged
Penny, Louise. A fatal grace [electronic resource] / Louise Penny. Audio PL PENNY Louise Unabridged
Penny, Louise. The brutal telling [electronic resource] / Louise Penny. Audio PL PENNY Louise Unabridged
Penny, Louise. A rule against murder [sound recording] / Louise Penny ; read by Ralph Cosham. Audio PL PENNY Louise Unabridged
Penny, Louise. Still life [electronic resource] : a mystery / Louise Penny. Audio PL PENNY Louise Unabridged
Penny, Louise. The cruelest month [electronic resource] / Louise Penny. Audio PL PENNY Louise Unabridged
Roberts, Nora. Temptation [electronic resource] / Nora Roberts. Audio PL ROBERTS Nora Unabridged
Rosenberg, Joel C., 1967- The Tehran initiative [electronic resource] : a novel / Joel C. Rosenberg. Audio PL ROSENBERG Joel Unabridged
Sparks, Nicholas. The best of me [electronic resource] / Nicholas Sparks. Audio PL SPARKS Nicholas Unabridged
Steel, Danielle. Hotel Vendome [electronic resource] : a novel / Danielle Steel. Audio PL STEEL Danielle Unabridged
Woods, Sherryl. Moonlight Cove [electronic resource] / Sherryl Woods. Audio PL WOODS Sheryl Unabridged

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