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Beginning September 13, the Library will be open on Sundays from 12-3 p.m.

Library Hours
Monday - Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Friday - Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday: CLOSED Through Labor Day


Behavior Policy   •   Circulation/Lending Policy   •   Collection Development Policy   •   Distribution of Free Materials/Community Information

Ethics/Conflict of Interest Policy   •   Internet/Computer Policy   •   Meeting Room Policy

Monetary Donations to Community, Civic, Non-Profit Organizations Policy   •   Vulnerable Child Policy


Behavior Policy

The Monroeville Library is a public space, and its resources and services are available to all. To this end, patrons are expected to behave in a responsible, appropriate and non disruptive manner when using the Library. Any activity or behavior that interferes with the ability of other patrons to make use of Library resources and services is not permitted. This policy applies to patrons of all ages. Disruptive activities and behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  • excessively loud conversation or laughter;
  • taunting, teasing and/or BULLYING of any kind will not be tolerated;
  • boisterous behavior such as shouting, running, pushing, shoving, or throwing things;
  • eating or drinking (except in designated areas);
  • damaging books, computers or other Library property;
  • viewing sexually explicit images on a computer;
  • playing audio equipment loudly enough to disturb others;
  • threats or verbal abuse directed against Library patrons or staff;
  • refusing to comply with requests from Library staff to desist from any disruptive activity or behavior.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • For reasons of public health and safety, the Library reserves the right to ask patrons to leave who are not attired appropriately. Final judgment of what is or is not proper attire shall rest with the library director.
  • The unauthorized transportation, use, or storage of any firearms, weapons and/or explosives is prohibited.

Library staff will intervene to stop any disruptive activity or behavior. The Librarians at the Adult Reference and Children's Desks will make the determination of whether a particular activity or behavior is disruptive.No more than one user is allowed at a computer, except at the discretion of the Librarians. All computer users shall have valid library cards. Computer users who fail to comply with these rules and the requests of Library staff may be required to vacate the computers. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a warning, and/or expulsion from the Library for the day or other specified period of time. In the case of minors under 18, an effort will be made to contact parents or guardians.Any person who is asked to leave the Library for failure to comply with this policy and refuses shall be considered to be trespassing, and the librarian in charge will contact the police.

The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended anywhere on Library property. Items found will be placed into lost and found for a period not less than one month. Personal items left by patrons are subject to disposal.

Approved by Library Board April 10, 2006/Revised by Library Board August 10, 2011

Circulation/Lending Policies Eligibility for Borrowing

Borrowers' cards are issued free of charge to residents and real estate and mercantile taxpayers of Monroeville and Pitcairn. Allegheny County residents and non-residents from areas that participate in Access PA may obtain cards free of charge. Proof of name and current address must be presented at time of registration for a borrower's card. Types of identification include real estate/mercantile tax receipts, driver's license, car registration, currently postmarked mail, most bills, or ID cards with a current date. Out of state non-residents may have borrowing privileges upon payment of a $30.00 yearly fee.

Adult and Juvenile Borrowers

With parents' permission children up through grade 8 will be issued Library cards. Children must be able to write or print their own names in order to apply for their cards and a parent or guardian's signature is required. The Library upholds and affirms, through its adoption of the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement, the right of each individual to have access to constitutionally protected material and will not restrict the borrowing privileges of any borrower. Parents may fill out a form to restrict the types of materials that their children under age 14 may borrow. Borrowers at least 14 years of age or in grade 9 or above will be considered adult borrowers.


An adult borrower assumes responsibility for all materials borrowed on his card. Parents are responsible for all materials borrowed by their children who are legal minors.

Borrowers' Cards

  • Each borrower is responsible for her or his library card. A borrower who wishes to allow another individual to take out materials on his or her card must submit a "Waiver of Right of Confidentiality of Library Records" form, available upon request at the Circulation and Reference desks.
  • A lost card should be reported to the Library immediately.
  • The Library should be notified of any change of address.
  • There will be a $3.00 charge to replace lost cards
  • All borrowers' cards will expire at the end of three years. All cards may be renewed by showing proof of their current address.

Borrowing Books and Library Materials

The borrower's card must be presented when borrowing books and library materials. There is a limit of 50 items that can be taken out on one card. The following items are limited to the amount specified, but are included in the 50 items. (5) DVDs/videocassettes, (10) Music CDs. Current issues of magazines will be reference only. Newspapers do not circulate. Most pamphlets are available for circulation. Books (including paperbacks), compact discs, CD-ROMs, and books-on-CD may be borrowed for three weeks. Magazines, pamphlets, videocassettes, and DVDs may be borrowed for one week. Fiction from the New Books shelf will be signed out for one week only. In case of heavy demand, books may be placed on limited loan periods (i.e., one day, seven days) and/or the number of books lent at one time may be reduced.


All items may be renewed twice, unless they are on reserve. Renewals may be made in person, by telephone, or through the Library's web site. If the item is overdue when renewed, the patron is liable for any late fees accrued to that date.


Reserves may be placed on cataloged materials which are currently in the system. Borrowers may place reserves by telephone, through the Library's web site, or at the Library. No more than 10 available items will be pulled from the shelves and held for a patron.

Late Fees

Late Fees will be charged only for days that the Library is open. A late fee of 25¢ (cents) per item per day will be assessed for past-due books, magazines,, compact discs, CD-ROMs, and books-on-CD. A late fee of $1.00 per item per day will be assessed for past-due videocassettes and DVDs. The maximum late fee is equal to the price of the item. Unpaid late fees amounting to $10.00 or more will necessitate withholding all borrowing privileges until the account is settled.

Overdue Schedule

The following timetable will be observed in notifying borrowers of overdue materials:

  • Notice - 2 weeks overdue
  • Bill - 4 weeks overdue; card is blocked after bill is sent
  • Collection procedures - 5 weeks overdue; collection procedures implemented

Charges for Lost Materials

If an item is lost, the current replacement cost plus a $5.00 billing fee must be paid to the Library. Borrowers should understand that the payment for lost materials rarely covers the cost of acquiring and processing a replacement.

Refunds for Lost and Paid Materials

Refunds for lost and paid materials which have been returned in good condition may be paid from the lost book fund. The refund will be the difference between the charge made for the lost materials and the late fee as of the day the material was returned to the Library. The billing fee is not refunded.If there is no refund, the borrower may have the option of keeping the material after it has been marked "withdrawn" by the Library.

Miscellaneous Charges

Charges will be made in relation to the amount of damage and will be at the discretion of the librarian. There will be a charge of $1.00 for a missing box for an books-on-CD, videocassette, compact disc, or DVD. There will also be a $1.00 charge for a missing media bag or barcode label.If an item is damaged to the extent that it is no longer acceptable for Library use, the borrower must pay the cost of the item plus a $5.00 billing charge.

Inter-Library Loans

Inter-Library loan service is available to all. There will be a service charge only in cases when the Monroeville Public Library is charged for postage or special service. Requests must be made in compliance with rules for interlibrary loans. Interlibrary loan materials will be charged out for the loan period of the lending library and may be renewed if that library approves the renewal. They may be returned to any Allegheny County public library. The number of interlibrary loan materials charged out to a patron will not limit the number of Monroeville Public Library materials which may be borrowed by that person.

School, Organization and Business Privileges

Library cards may be issued to Monroeville and Pitcairn schools, organizations, and businesses. These cards will be issued under the name of the school, organization, or business and will expire three years from the date of application. Application must be approved by the librarian-in-charge. Applications must be signed by the principal of the school, the president of the organization, or the owner or manager of the business. Library cards issued will be kept on file at the Library and may be used by teachers of the school or by representatives of the organization or business. No more than the usual limit of materials may be taken out by a school, organization, or business representative at one time except with prior permission of the department head. However, more than one teacher, organization, or business member may have materials out on the same card at one time. Late fees must be paid for overdue materials. The school, organization, or business will be responsible for all materials borrowed on its card and must pay for all overdue, lost or damaged materials. Non-compliance with these rules may result in loss of library privileges.

Approved by Library Board April 12, 2004/Updated April 8, 2011

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Collection Development Policy

I. Philosophy and Goals

The objective of the Monroeville Library is to collect, organize and make available the widest possible diversity of materials in a variety of formats and to serve as a reference and research center providing access to accurate and up-to-date information for the people of Monroeville, Pitcairn, and Allegheny County. The Library endeavors to select materials that will supplement the individual's formal schooling, encourage lifelong education, contribute to the intellectual, aesthetic and recreational enjoyment of life, stimulate thought through the presentation of diverse points of view, and further the individual's self-realization and growth toward maturity.

II. Responsibility for Selection

Responsibility for the selection of Library materials rests with the Adult Services Librarian, the Teen Librarian, the Children's Librarian and the Library Director, who work within the guidelines of this policy.

III. Selection Criteria and Process

The Library selects materials in a wide range of formats, using any or all of the following criteria:

  • Literary merit, artistic quality, aesthetic and recreational value
  • Clarity, accuracy and usefulness of information presented
  • Social, political and historical significance of the subject matter
  • Community needs and popular demand
  • Local interest (Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania)

Library staff consult catalogs, bibliographies, and reviews from a variety of sources (professional journals, magazines, newspapers and other media) when selecting materials. Selection may be limited by considerations of cost and collection balance. Patron suggestions are welcomed, and will be considered using the same criteria and process. The Library is committed to collecting materials representing the widest possible diversity of viewpoints and forms of literary and artistic expression.

IV. Withdrawal of Library Materials

The withdrawal of materials (also known as "weeding") is an ongoing process directly related to collection development. Materials that are worn, damaged, outdated, duplicated or no longer accurate may be removed from the collection. The professional staff of the Library, under the general direction of the Adult Services Librarian, the Teen Librarian, the Children's Librarian and the Library Director, are solely responsible for the weeding of the collection.

V. Access to Library Materials

The Board of Directors of the Monroeville Public Library endorses the principles of the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statement adopted by the American Library Association. While anyone is free to reject Library materials of which she or he does not approve, the freedom of others to access these materials cannot be restricted. The Library does not stand in loco parentis. Parents and guardians have the responsibility to guide the reading, listening and viewing choices of their own minor children. Selection of adult collection materials cannot be inhibited by the possibility that items may be accessed by minors. An individual may express his or her objections to particular Library materials by completing a "Request for Reconsideration of Library Material" form. After the form is completed, it will be brought to the attention of the Adult Services Librarian, the Teen Librarian or the Children's Librarian, who will then respond to the person making the objections. Any objections remaining subsequent to this process will be addressed by the Library Director and the Board.

Library Board Approved Sept., 2005

Distribution of Free Materials/Community Information

It is the policy of the Monroeville Public Library, as part of its information mission, to provide access to free materials/community information through the distribution of free handouts or the public posting of flyers, notices, and posters. Such materials are limited to those of a civic, cultural, educational, and/or recreational nature. Materials from for-profit groups, companies, organizations, or individuals, or for the purpose of promoting a specific religious belief, may not be accepted. If any doubts exist about the nature of the materials, the Library Director will consult with the Policy Committee of the Library Board for a decision. Distribution or posting of materials by the Library does not necessarily indicate the Library's endorsement of the issues or events promoted by those materials.

Adopted by Library Board on March 10, 2003
Revised: 11/2012

Ethics/Conflict of Interest Policy

Members of the Board of Directors must promote a high level of library service while observing ethical standards. Members of the Board of Directors must avoid situations in which personal interests might be served or financial benefits gained at the expense of library users, colleagues, or the institution. It is incumbent upon any member of the Board of Directors to disclose a conflict of interest when it occurs and to disqualify himself/herself immediately whenever the appearance of a conflict of interest exists. A conflict of interest is defined in Ordinance No. 1697 of the Municipality of Monroeville as "any situation in which a public official or public employee is in a position where his or her vote or decision can result in a financial benefit to himself or herself or a member of his or her immediate family other than those benefits which may accrue to the public generally. "Members of the Board of Directors must distinguish clearly in their actions and statements between their personal philosophies and attitudes and those of the institution, acknowledging the formal position of the board even if they personally disagree. A member of the Board of Directors must respect the confidential nature of library business while being aware of, and in compliance with, applicable laws governing freedom of information.

Adopted by Library Board on March 10, 2003

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Internet/Computer Policy

The Internet is a huge network of information accessible through computers. Much of this information is useful, expanding our information capabilities far beyond what we could before the days of Internet access. Currently, however, it is an unregulated medium. As such, while it offers access to a wealth of material that is personally, professionally, and culturally enriching to individuals of all ages, it also enables access to some material that may be incorrect, offensive, disturbing, sexually explicit and/or illegal. This information, however, is constitutionally protected unless determined otherwise by a court with appropriate jurisdiction. The Library upholds and affirms, through its adoption of the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement, the right of each individual to have access to constitutionally protected material. However, Internet workstations shall not be used for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose, including any activity prohibited under any Federal, State or Local Law. The Library prohibits minors from accessing Internet and on-line sites that contain or make reference to explicit sexual and/or obscene materials as defined by 18 Pa. C.SA. Section 5903.

1. Responsibilities of Users

Patrons at least 12 years of age or in grade 7 or above who display their library card may use the computers in the adult area at the discretion of the librarian on duty. The Adult Services Department requires that users observe the rules and procedures for use as displayed near each webstation. Repeated violations of these rules may lead to expulsion from the Library. Unacceptable and expressly prohibited use of computer resources also includes the following:

  • Unauthorized copy of copyright- protected material;
  • Violation of software licensing agreements;
  • Violation of another user's privacy;
  • Destruction of or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the Library or to other users.
  • Conduct of private business for profit;
  • and Refusal to relinquish a computer for needed maintenance.

The Library is not responsible for the following:

  • Damage to any portable data storage device or data lost on the device while used in any library computer.
  • Protecting the users' personal information including but not limited to social security number, credit card number, name, address, phone number, email address, etc.
  • Problems with any commercial transaction carried out on library computers.

2. CIPA Compliance

  1. The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is a federal law that requires all computers in a public library to be filtered if that library accepts any federal funds for Internet access or computers used for Internet access. (Supreme Court decision: United States v. American Library Ass'n., Inc., No. 02-361 (June 23, 2003) Monroeville Public Library complies with the requirements of CIPA.
  2. All computers in the Monroeville Public Library are filtered. Please be aware that filters are unreliable, at times blocking sites of legitimate informational or educational value, or allowing access to sites that are illegal, obscene, or sexually explicit within the meaning of 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. Sec 5903.
  3. Monroeville Public Library uses filtering software that blocks or filters Internet access to some Internet sites that may not be consistent with the policy of Monroeville Public Library.
  4. Parents or legal guardians, and not the Library or its staff, are responsible for monitoring their children's use of the Internet and for the information selected and/or accessed by their children. The Library strongly encourages parents or legal guardians to supervise their children's Internet use and to provide them with guidelines about acceptable use.
  5. Monroeville Public Library computers cannot be used for any fraudulent or unlawful purpose, including any activities prohibited under any applicable federal, Pennsylvania, or local laws, including activities in violation of 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. Sec. 5903, which prohibits certain acts of public indecency.
  6. Any adult (17 years of age or older, as defined by CIPA) may request that the filter or technology protection measure be disabled without significant delay by a Monroeville Public Library staff member authorized by the Library Director, consistent with the privacy policy of Monroeville Public Library.
  7. An authorized Monroeville Public Library staff member may override the filter or technology protection measure for a minor (age 16 years or younger, as defined by CIPA) in the event that the filter wrongly blocks or filters Internet access to a site with legitimate informational value.
  8. Monroeville Public Library cannot be responsible for any patron's unauthorized use of a computer with a disabled filter.
  9. Any patron who wishes to file a complaint about the filtering software on the library computers may do so within thirty (30) days to:
    1. The Library Director and/or the Library Board President;
    2. The Director of the Electronic Information Network;
    3. The Federal Communications Commission.

3. Request to Reconsider Policy

Those objecting to Library Internet Policy can complete a "Request for Reconsideration of Internet Policy" form, which may be obtained at the Reference Desk. If the Library staff cannot help, requests will be passed on to the Library Board.

Approved by Library Board April 12, 2004 / Revised January 24, 2011

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Meeting Room Policy

The Monroeville Public Library provides meeting and study room space free of charge for library programs and for other meetings and programs of an informational, educational, cultural, or civic nature. Meeting rooms are available to the community consistent with the Library's mission of disseminating information to the community and encouraging free and open expression and exchange of ideas.

Programs in which the public is encouraged, either covertly or overtly, to buy a commodity or service from the program leader or organization, or which further one individual's goal, or charge a fee, will be charged a $25 per hour rental fee, payable by the individual or organization sponsoring the program. Paid tutors will be asked to make a $5 per hour donation. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Any action or event organized by a campaign committee or group designed specifically to promote or oppose a candidate or ballot issue is not permitted. Meetings at which candidates will discuss current election issues are permitted provided the event is hosted by a non-partisan, non-profit organization (i.e., League of Women voters) and all candidates for the same office have been invited. Meetings held by a campaign committee or political party/group to plan a campaign or political activity are permissible. Also permissible are meetings held by elected officials to gather input or communicate with his/her constituents.

Discussion groups studying religious topics are permitted.

To reserve a Meeting Room, call Barbara @ 412-372-0500, ext. 12

Program Room Rules:

  1. Light refreshment, excluding alcoholic beverages, may be served, but room users are required to provide their own utensils and leave the room and facilities in a clean and orderly condition.
  2. No smoking is permitted on library premises.
  3. Open flames of any kind are prohibited, including Sterno canisters and other food warmers requiring a flame. The Library has two warming trays available for public use, which must be reserved in advance.
  4. Any group using the Program Room will be responsible for setting up the room according to its own needs. The library staff will bear no responsibility. The group using the room must restore the furniture and the room to the order in which it was found.
  5. AV equipment is provided at discretion of the Library Director.
  6. Meetings must be scheduled during hours the library is open.
  7. The sale of products at a library-sponsored program is not allowed with one exception: because the library wants to encourage reading, writing, and the appreciation of culture and because distribution channels for these materials are often lacking, writers, performers, and artists may sell their own works at the library.
  8. Youth organizations using the Program Room must have at least one adult (21 or over) present at all times.
  9. If a meeting is cancelled, the Director should be notified as far in advance of the date as possible.
  10. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  11. No group or organization using the Program Room may discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or handicapped status in the provision of services.
  12. Exceptions to these policies are possible only by written application to the Monroeville Public Library Board of Directors.
  13. It is understood that all meetings held will be open to the public should anyone wish to attend.

Markosek Conference Room Rules:

  1. The Conference Room is available for use by groups, as noted in paragraph 1. Space is limited to 12 persons.
  2. Refreshments are not permitted, unless a library staff member is present at the meeting.
  3. Other rules governing the Program Room Use, apply here.
  4. The Conference Room may only be reserved by a single user until 2:30 p.m. Groups of two or more may reserve the Conference Room at any time throughout the day.

If it is after 2:30 p.m. and the Conference Room is currently unreserved, the room may be used by single users or groups on a first-come, first-served basis.

DISCLAIMERS The Library assumes no responsibility for any equipment, supplies, or materials brought to the library by any group or individual attending the meeting; nor does it assume any liability for groups or individuals attending a meeting in the library. The fact that a group meets in the library does not in any way constitute an endorsement by the library board or staff of the group's policies or beliefs nor is the library responsible for the accuracy or consequences of statements made during such meetings. The library reserves the right to cancel and reschedule a meeting up to 2 weeks before the meeting. If the library discovers that either a group or the nature of a meeting does not meet the policy guidelines, the library may cancel the meeting up to the time it is scheduled. All use of the Meeting Rooms is at the discretion of the Library Board.

The Monroeville Public Library is not responsible for any lost or stolen items or injuries that may occur on Library property.

Revised March 2011

Download a printable copy of Meeting Room rules and information.

View groups that use the meeting rooms frequently.


Monetary Donations to Community, Civic, Non-Profit Organizations Policy

The Monroeville Public Library, as a non-profit entity, does not encourage organizations to request monetary donations from the Library. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to review requests for monetary contributions from the Library using the following criteria:

  1. Does the organization or group support the Library's educational mission?
  2. Does the organization., group or event use library services as part of their educational efforts?
  3. Does the organization or group offer a service to the members of our community?
  4. Is the organization, group or event a local community effort?

If these criteria are satisfied, the Board may decide to vote in favor of making a donation to the requesting organization. The Board will review such requests on a case-by-case basis.

Library Board approved Sept., 2005

Vulnerable Child Policy


The Monroeville Public Library is concerned with the safety and well being of children in the library, particularly those who are at risk because of their vulnerability. A "vulnerable" child is defined as one who is unable to care for his or her physical and psychological needs or is too young to be safe alone inside and outside the facility. To be unattended, a child must be 14 years of age or a freshman in high school.

Statement of Policy:

The accompanying adult is responsible for the vulnerable child while in the library.An accompanying adult may not leave a vulnerable child unattended in the Children's Library.An accompanying adult may not leave a vulnerable child in the temporary care of another young child who is fourteen years old or younger.The library cannot be responsible for the safety or well being of any patron beyond the extent reasonably expected of a public facility.The library staff cannot be responsible for any child who is left unattended.The library staff cannot be responsible for preventing children from leaving with an adult who is not the proper chaperone. Children attending library programs are, for the duration of the program only, considered to be supervised by library staff and thus are not unattended.The library will deal with children left at closing who are too young to go home alone safely by calling the police if the parent or guardian cannot be located and by remaining with that child until the police arrive.

Library Board approved on December 15, 2014

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